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Welcome to CodeForTraders !   Please be safe-and-sound during these difficult times as we all struggle with the current reality of COVID-19.

CodeForTraders is your one-stop multi-platform shop where users of TradeStation, AmiBroker, and MultiCharts, can find top-quality code for traders.

You can browse the buttons and links to your left to find out more about this site's goals,  philosophy, and the many specific offerings found here.

Our Most Recent Additions

Progster's Realtime ZigZag for MultiCharts  -  Always accurate realtime ZigZag indicators for charts and scanner.

SwissTrader's VWAP for MultiCharts  -  Flexible Volume-weighted average price, with Profit and StdDev Bands.

Double Donchian Breakout for MultiCharts  -  Classic Donchian trading with a special twist, now available for MC.

Momo Strategy Suite for AmiBroker offers powerful analysis of momentum trading, including optimization across timeframes.

RSI Strategy Suite for MultiCharts .NET is and CCI Strategy Suite for MultiCharts .NET are now available to help you kick-start your .NET trading code development.

For logging your trades, CFT recommends:

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Prior highlights:

SwissDOM for MultiCharts provides extremely convenient display of depth-of-market (DOM) information right on your chart!.

Progster's WideBar Suite for TradeStation and Progster's WideBar Suite for MultiCharts.  You can follow 'em, or you can fade 'em, but either way success is all about measuring and acting-by-rule

April 2011:  N-Day Lows and Highs for TradeStation and N-Day Lows and Highs for MultiCharts - strategy/indicator bundles for detecting and trading pullbacks/spring-ups to these important support and resistance levels.

Feb 2011 - IOG Visual Scale-Out Exits and Multi-Level Trailing Stops for MultiCharts.  The wait is over!

Oct 2010 -  Bi-Directional Darvas for MultiCharts .  The world's most extensive implementation of Darvas-style analysis and trading is now available for the MultiCharts platform.  Your markets, your timeframes, Darvas's technique, Progster's extensions, and MC's portfolio testing capabilities create new research and trading opportunities like you've never before seen!

Sept 2010 -SwissProfile Indicator Package for MultiCharts , and BTWFMgr for AmiBroker .  SwissProfile provides easy-to-use, accurate, flexible, and beautiful time/price data profile displays for all the markets and timeframes of your choice.  BTWFMgr (now compatible with 3 different base platforms:  TradeStation, MultiCharts, and AmiBroker) gives you the most visual, most powerful insight available into the raw and walked-forward results of your strategy testing.  

May 2010 - CodeForTraders delivers manual trading for MultiCharts!  Our 3 latest product releases, Manual Entry Automation for MultiCharts, Kiwi Trendline Breakout for MultiCharts, and Kiwi Trendline Limit for MultiCharts let you trade from MC how you want, when you want, without the requirement to write a complete strategy in advance.

CodeForTraders is also pleased to announce that we are now an authorized reseller for MultiCharts.  The great bundles begin now, on the May 2010 Monthly Special page.

April 2010 - Available now, Deluxe Timeframe Versions of Progster's RSI, CCI and LRS Suites for AmiBroker.  These versions add multiple timeframe support (and more) to make these Suites our most powerful AmiBroker research and strategy development products ever!  Also included with each is our new, most advanced interface for Optimization Iteration Reload .

Feb 2010 - CFT's Renko Suite has arrived for MultiCharts.  Start with the  Renko Bricks Function & Indicator and then add strategies ala carte:  Renko Trend Signal, Renko BrickBox Signal, and Renko BrickAge Breakout Signal

Nov 2009 - Three of CFT's enduring classics come to MultiCharts -  Scale-In Entries for MultiCharts, ATR Exits for MultiCharts, and Strategy Skeleton Lite for MultiCharts

Oct 2009 - Available now, Linear Regression Slope, ZigZag, and Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker.  Optimization Iteration Reload for AmiBroker relieves the user of the burden of having to manually type long sets of parameter numbers and switches when it is desired to visualize a particular optimization iteration on a chart, or run a specific backtest on same.  Reclaim your time!

Sep 2009 - Available now, Progster's RSI Suite for MultiCharts.and CCI Suite for MultiCharts.  With MultiCharts, these combined strategy/indicator suites can be portfolio-tested, driven by your choice of data source, and auto-traded on domestic and international markets via IB. 

Aug 2009 - CFT now offers directly the Diamond BackTesting Walk-Forward Manager for TradeStation.  For a monthly cost  less than a single losing trade, you can step-up to world-class Walk-Forward Analysis of your trading strategies.  (Or choose to save even more with a discounted permanent license.)

June 2009 - Available now, Progster's RSI Suite for TradeStation.and CCI Suite for TradeStation.  These combined strategy/indicator suites work with the new TS Genetic Optimizer to quickly give you answers you've never seen at a price point almost too low to believe.  Also, CFT now offers directly the BackTesting Automation Sequence Manager for TradeStation.

May 2009 - Available now, Progster's RSI Suite for AmiBroker and CCI Suite for AmiBroker.  CFT is very pleased to introduce our first products for AmiBroker.  These products will advance the new AB user months forward along the AFL learning curve, at the cost of just an hour of skilled time.

 Dec 2008 - Available now, IOG Visual ScaleOut Exits, and IOG Manual Entry Automation for TradeStation.  The advanced power of Intrabar Order Generation code makes your entries and exits smoother and more accurate than ever!

Sept. 2008 - CFT welcomes DIDA to the site!  Kiwi Trendline Limit Entry and Kiwi Trendline Breakout Trading bring on-the-chart trading to the TradeStation platform..  SwissTrader is back!  Follow your market's internals tick-by-tick with his advanced BidAskDelta Package .

New in July 2008 - Progster's Renko BrickBox Strategy  is now available.  Check out winning test results from this strategy in the public Research Section of the CFT Forum.  With the arrival of the BrickBox strategy, CFT now offers 3 completely different mechanical Renko-based strategies for TradeStation. 

AmiBroker has added 2 new advanced optimizers:

Particle Swarm Optimizer
CMAE (Covariance Matrix Adaptation - Evolutionary ) Optimizer

These no-extra-charge upgrades are provided in the context of AB's new optimization plug-in architecture.  Yes, it means what it says.  Entire new optimizers can now be "bolted on" to AmiBroker.  No other program that we know of, at any price point, offers this capability to the retail trader.

New in March 2008  - Progster's Float Analysis for TradeStation Package has been completely updated to allow automatic use of fundamental float data directly from the TS data network.  Sophisticated float analysis is now easily available to all!

New in Feb 2008 - Progster's Renko Trend Strategy A now available.  Check out lots of interesting test results from this strategy in the public Research Section of the CFT Forum.  Also, don't miss our brand-new MEA videos and Bi-Directional Darvas video .  Nothing conveys the power of these products so well as actually seeing them in action!

New in Jan 2008 - SwissTrader's Renko Bricks Indicator Package for TradeStation is now available thru CFT.

New in December 2007:  Marc Aniballi's MTF Suite for TradeStation is now available thru CodeForTraders.  CFT releases the first commercial 3rd party product for the Worden Blocks platform: Progster's MA List Percentage Dashboard for Blocks.

New in November 2007:  StrataSearch is now available thru CodeForTraders (ended Dec 2011).  Also, check out our latest advancement in trade management for TradeStation: Visual Scale-Out Exits .

New in October 2007: Forums , connection and collaboration for traders. 

We are also very pleased to introduce you to the AmiBroker platform.  Just click on the button at left to learn more about this incredible piece of software.

Now available: Visual Stops and Targets.  See things you've never seen!

Available now, the Bi-Directional Darvas Package.  With multiple algorithms for switching back-and-forth between ascending and descending boxes, this all-market, all-timeframe package is your complete laboratory for researching modern notions of trading Darvas-style boxes both long and short.

How happy are you with your exits?  If the answer is "not very", then perhaps a good first step would be to make your exits dynamic.  The 'ATR Exits' package offers an great introduction to that. 

Another flexible exit technique is 'MultiLevel Trailing Stops'.  You can really give your exits a new level of adaptability with this one.

If you'd like to build your TradeStation strategies on a great foundation, you might want to check out Progster's  'Strategy Skeleton Lite'.   Version 09 is the best SSL yet, adding multiple new features, new and improved documentation, and alternate versions for educational comparison and performance timing.  The SSL continues to be a popular package, giving you the cumulative benefit of many, many hours of work over the course of years - but costing just the equivalent of a couple hours of custom programming time.

Bull phase, Bear phase, Chop - how can you predict what the market is going to do next?   You might want to give new thought to 'How Markets Really Work'.   To know the story, you need to do the research!

Would you like to pick your entries manually, then have TradeStation apply the exit strategy of your choice for automated exit?  Did you know this was possible?  It is!   'Manual Entry Automation' provides this much-sought-after capability for TradeStation.

Thanks for visiting CodeForTraders.  We hope you will drop in on a regular basis to keep yourself up-to-date as our number of offerings continues to increase.

-  Aug 2021