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About Source Code

About Source Code

CodeForTraders is virtually unique in offering a number of our packages in source code form. When source code is available to be offered, benefits to the purchaser include:

Source code is educational.

There is value in knowing how something is accomplished. Knowing how provides confidence, or conversely, enables you to be aware of limitations that may be significant. As your own understanding increases, the value of your source code holdings actually increases - because you come to understand what was formerly opaque, and learn to leverage it.

Source code can be modified.

If the code isn't exactly the way you'd like to have it - change it! If there's an idea there that you want to build into another indicator, just cut, paste, and create that for which you seek. If there's one thing that's incontrovertibly true about all the traders I've met, it's that each is an individual with personal interests, tastes, and preferences.

Source code cannot be orphaned.

No matter what happens to a vendor, his web site, or his licensing technology, source code will always be available for your use. You cannot lose your investment in source code.

For these reasons, CodeForTraders is pleased to make the extra benefits of source code available to you when business considerations and the wishes of the author allow.